[Exit, Pursued By A Sloth]


If all these True Blood rumors are true, this is either

  1. The most ridiculous bullshit ever
  2. A snarky meta-commentary about the Southern Vampire Southern Tire Fire Mysteries and Charlaine ‘Dixie-Fried Camille Paglia’ Harris’s giant bag of racist, homophobic, misogynistic, rape-apologist bullshit
  3. A bunch of people trying to get fired by writing the worst shit they could think of, while still maintaining a veneer of No We’re Serious Over Here, like they’re some sort of unholy love child of Andy Kaufman and Steven Colbert, like an elaborate Absurdist performance art piece about the futility of the creative mind in a corporate world, or some fucking shit
  4. A sign that someone is running some kind MKUltra experiment at True Blood headquarters, and is lacing their drinking water with LSD