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This is the scariest thing I’ve ever seen in my whole life.

For fuck sake.



This is the scariest thing I’ve ever seen in my whole life.

For fuck sake.

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What’s with the rubbing?

just dean marveling at the beauty of their love child


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Oh dear, Robbie Thompson just replied ‘No Spoilers’ when asked when he was going to start writing season 10.

Was he being silly? Did he reply to the wrong post? Or is he not returning next season? If so, I wonder why…did he piss off ‘Metatron’ or did he just want to move on?

Bluebell Girls chorus dancer checking her costume in the dressing room of the Stardust hotel & casino before a performance, Las Vegas, by Ralph Crane, 1959 (x)

Bluebell Girls chorus dancer checking her costume in the dressing room of the Stardust hotel & casino before a performance, Las Vegas, by Ralph Crane, 1959 (x)

Criticism of S9 Positivity Police, and certain theories thereof, underneath the cut.

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Why do you think that the chance of canon destiel will happen & when? How far will they show canon destiel ie touching, kissing, sex, dialogue? Do you think the actors will be comfortable with it? Will it be a good investment for spn/cw for canon destiel or bad. In ur honest opinion what are the pros/cons. Why are we seeing more destiel contents in the media, actors twitting bout it? And Robbie wit his Pro Cas tweets. I will be asking others too. TY




Oooohhh I love this stuff. OK THEN, LETS SEE.

Chances of canon Destiel? Very very good.  I wouldn’t say it’s guaranteed, because you never know, but everything seems to be implying that they are very, very likely to be going there, barring the network getting cold feet, things like that.  So I’d say there’s a good 70-80% chance of it happening, at least (though bear in mind that I am a LOT more optimistic than most, so I might be overestimating a lot).  As for how explicit? I don’t know. I imagine there will certainly be non-ambiguous dialogue.  There’s already a ton of very intimate touching between them (Dean cupping Cas’ face when he died, Cas holding Dean’s hand rather than his wrist when seeing the MoC in 9.18), so I presume that would continue.  Kissing? Again, depends on a bunch of things, including how far the network is willing to go.  I mean, it shouldn’t even be an issue, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be. I have confidence that we’ll get at least one kiss, but I’m still only 50/50 on that. Sex scene? Again, if it was in the same style as any other sex scene we’ve I would say that no way should it be an issue, but it likely will be, so I can’t see it happening.  That’s one I’d love to be proven wrong on though, because it would be actual true representation by having the exact same level of standards for all couples.

The actors? We’re all pretty sure Misha is comfortable with it, because he has said he’s got no problems at all, so he’s not really an issue.  Jensen likes to avoid talking about it, which some interpret to mean that he’s uncomfortable with the idea.  I don’t think he is, I just think he’s uncomfortable talking about it in front of fans because he’s incredibly non-confrontational.  He’s a bit of a dark horse, we really don’t know what he thinks.  But he is a very good actor, and more importantly a very professional actor, and my opinion is that no, he wouldn’t have any issues doing what the s/l called for, and he wouldn’t have any issues with that story line. His acting choices have been in line with eventual canon explicit Destiel, and also imo are also in line with an implicit romantic relationship right now, so I don’t think the actors are anything to worry about in that regard.

It would be a hugely good investment for the CW to make.  This is something that to my knowlege hasn’t been done on network television before, to have a canonically bisexual, macho lead who isn’t a walking stereotype and who isn’t defined by his sexuality.  Because that’s what people who are against this relationship tend to forget - this wouldn’t turn Supernatural into the Dean & Cas Show.  It would still be the same, Dean would still be Dean, it’d just be a new bit of information to incorporate into the whole.  That is it.  From a network perspective it would gain a whole new set of viewers & interest, at least some of whom would stick around after the buzz died down.  Most of the current viewers would stay if the TV Guide poll is anything to go by, and any that were lost would be more than countered by the new viewers.  And extra eyeballs = extra advertising revenue for them, so from their POV I don’t see any real downside.  It would be a positive story line, revolving around love, so it’s not like they’d have advertisers protesting on mass.  Especially given the CWs target audience, which tends towards supporting gay rights anyway.

And lastly, I’m of the opinion that the increase in Destiel/Cas-friendly stories in the media is part of a softening up campaign on the part of the network.  Casual viewers don’t notice quite as much as the more heavily invested fandom viewers, so by putting it out there it makes people take more notice, get emotionally invested, start rooting for them to get together & finally support it when it does become canon.  There have been a lot of casual viewers that are starting to notice it, mainly in S8, but even in S9 more and more people are starting to pick up on the decidedly romantic tint that those two have been given, so I’d say it’s working.

[EDIT] So my bestest S9 apologist bff jeremycarversweaterfetish has this to say about the potential for Destiel sex scenes under the Carver era:

"Throughout the Kripke and Gamble eras SPN sex scenes were what I’ll call network TV explicit. Shirtless dudes, writhing, etc. Carver comes in, and one of the many tone shifts he’s taken has been his approach to sex scenes. Namely that we haven’t seen them in action. Even in 9.03 it was a tasteful fade away. Sam and Amelia we saw the morning after with her in his shirt. Dean and Suzy we saw the before and after and Dean never even took off his shirt. NOW. You could go "Maybe the fellas just don’t want their shirts off." Except Cas had his shirt off. Dean had the shower scene. Implied nudity isn’t the issue. And we know it isn’t the network, sex is one of the CW’s main commodities. So, why the Carver sex scene tonal change? Because networks are only willing to go so far with m/m couples. So how do you make Destiel go from it’s current implicit canon to explicit canon without getting accused of gross double standards? You shift the tone of all your het sex scenes first."

THIS IS WHY I LOVE HER. And pretty much explains everything, and changes my opinion on a Destiel sex scene to YES, I think it is quite likely that we will get one.

Jessi and Rach are like the light of S9 for me. They’ve kept my faith.

I know I sound like a broken record, but 9.03 was not a sex scene. Please stop referring to it as such (without a disclaimer explaining why it isn’t a sex scene), because it facilitates the notion that that noncon clusterfuck was acceptable, that it wasn’t rape. It’s never a good idea to call even unintentional/normalized rape scenes ‘sex scenes’.

Also, SPN was told to start skewing towards a younger audience (like teenagers), they may have toned down the sex for that reason. I actually don’t watch any other CW shows, so I have no idea how much or how graphic other shows get. I do know that CW apparently has a problem with a lot of problematic sex and normalized rape (the Vampire Diaries is often mentioned as a major offender), so much so that there’s a running joke that CW stands for ‘Content Warning’.

And that’s all I’m gonna say about that, because I am not hopeful for canon Destiel, because I’ve watched Season 9, and I never underestimate how much Hollywood writers love the smell of their own piss, and want to share that lovely smell with everyone and do so by pissing on everything you love, not understanding or caring that everybody else just smells piss.

I'm sure you already saw this but it's the director's last (?) comments about the episode, after being all all over the place about whether the scene was rape. I think it's one of the worst and the most victim-blaming comments I can remember from someone working on a TV show. zap2it(.)com/blogs/game_of_thrones_director_says_rape_scene_was_meant_to_be_consensual-2014-04

"What was talked about was that it was not consensual as it began, but Jaime and Cersei, their entire sexual relationship has been based on and interwoven with risk. And Jaime is very much ready to have sex with her because he hasn’t made love to her since he got back, and she’s sort of cajoled into it, and it is consensual,” Graves explains.

There has been some speculation that perhaps Graves did not edit together the cut of the scene, and that is why it didn’t turn out the way that he initially described it. Other people suggested that perhaps the full scene was cut short in the final cut of the episode. But Graves does say this is the scene as he intended it.
"It’s my cut of the scene," he says. "The consensual part of it was that she wraps her legs around him, and she’s holding on to the table, clearly not to escape but to get some grounding in what’s going on.”
"And also, the other thing that I think is clear before they hit the ground is she starts to make out with him. The big things to us that were so important, and that hopefully were not missed, is that before he rips her undergarment, she’s way into kissing him back. She’s kissing him aplenty."
Coming back to the sexual politics of “Game of Thrones,” Graves says he personally believes this scene — and previous ones where Cersei denied Jaime sexual intercourse — are her ways of manipulating Jaime.
He also suggests that Jaime “found a soul mate” in Brienne that “he’ll never recover from.”
"See, although she kept saying ‘No No’ and ‘Please stop’ and punching and fighting Jaime, she really wanted it because she grabbed a tablecloth. Cersei was actually manipulating Jaime when she made him rape her. Cersei got what was coming to her, because Jaime was ready to have sex ages ago, and she didn’t want to. Cajole. Oh gosh, isn’t JaimexBrienne adorable? I’m sure Brienne would never make Jaime rape her, she’s not that kind of girl."

in re: everyone talking about how Jaime would never



"as we all know jaime is a good person and he’s not some kind of monster. i mean he doesn’t do bad things!"

haha yeah. still haven’t watched the episode but I think I know what the silence is about now and YES… everytime people start talking about loving Jaime that’s pretty much what I say

"…but he pushed a kid from a fucking tower…"

Defenestration is not rape.

Not every shitty human being is inclined to rape. And on the same token, you can be a pretty okay guy in a lot of respects, and still be a rapist.

You can be a murdering shithole who likes Nickleback, but that doesn’t make you a rapist.

Killing a kid to protect you and your sister from her violent rapist of a husband doesn’t make you a rapist. It makes you an attempted child-murderer, but not a rapist.

Most people aren’t arguing that Jaime is a sweetheart. Jaime is not a good man in a lot of ways, in most ways, in fact. But one way his is canonically a good man is his awareness and disgust at rape and rape culture bullshit. In the books he repeatedly defends women against rape. He was deeply traumatized those times he was unable to do so, because the rapist was the King. He sacrificed a hand and jumped into a bear pit to protect a woman he doesn’t know very well from rape. He does these things mostly because of the major influence a woman has in his life. And turning him into a rapist not only assassinates his character, but it denies a woman agency and influence and importance in a man’s life (and this is, like, the third time this has happened in a major way, first with Sansa not completely fucking up the Hound’s life just by being kind to him, second with Catelyn no longer being allowed to be Robb’s adviser or political influence, no longer having an important role in the war past season 1). 

[Not to mention all the repercussions this will have on Cersei, and to a lesser extent, Brienne. But we were talking about Jaime here, so I tried to limit my comments to him and his character.]

So turning him into a rapist, especially when the narrative doesn’t even acknowledge that it is rape, is not only problematic and rape culture bullshit, but also just narratively stupid.


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No seriously, my decision to never watch Game of Thrones looks better and better by the minute! What with the last night’s ep events and the new Sansa spoilers …

"I don’t even go there," and I would like to…

I’m not going to lie, I didn’t read all that. But, I just wanted to say on this subject that although rape is a terrible, terrible thing (and trust me, I would know) I like that it’s on mainstream television shows. Why? Because rape happens. Rape is a very real part of our society that is often ignored. I don’t think GoT is glamorizing or making people desensitized to rape, I think it’s bringing attention to a very real part of our current society. People watch a rape scene and they are disturbed by it on a very mental and emotional level; they are forced to think about the rape that may have occurred throughout our history and every single day, and even the consequences of that rape. As far as the rape scene in the most recent episode of GoT, it is undoubtedly rape, but Cersei appears conflicted about her feelings and what is happening, just as rape victims may often have conflicting feelings about their situation. If you’ll note, most rapes are committed by people the victim know, making it a confusing situation. Coming from a filmmaker’s perspective, I think you have to appreciate the beauty in the rawness and the horror of the situation. You have to applaud the actors that made it happen. Rape is terrible and all GoT or any movie/tv show is trying to do  is make the audience really think, feel and create parallels to the real world. All filmmaking is is a daydream come to life with themes based in reality. The themes in Game of Thrones are not random, every single little thing is placed their with incredibly attention. I feel as if by not including rape scene in shows like Game of Thrones, we go back to a society that denies the existence of these events altogether. I’m curious to see how Cersei deals with it in upcoming episodes, will she be afraid of Jaime? Will her spirit be broken? Will she deny it even happened? Any possible outcome is an example of something real. 

As you said, you didn’t read all of the post. The contention isn’t that rape happens and whether it should or shouldn’t be depicted in the media. I think it’s pretty clear that it should be dealt with, and dealt with on the level that simply isn’t present on this show in particular, and in our (very much rape) culture at large.

The trouble I am having with this instance of it is not that it happened (although, yes, yes I do have trouble with that), but that the director of the episode goes on record and claims that this was not rape at all! Or, “it didn’t end up being rape.” Or whatever bullshit that was coached in.

The trouble is that the creators of the show present us with is as an acceptable form of “rough love.” That this was okay. That this wasn’t really rape, because it was “choreographed” or whatever it is Alex Graves said. 

The trouble is that this is not the first time the creators of this show used rape gratuitously and casually, dismissing the fallout or not showing the fallout at all. 

The trouble is, they don’t seem to think what happened in that scene was all that terrible. 

The trouble is that the creators talk about Cersei as a “bad woman” as if she deserved rape. As this was justified because she ought to be punished. As if rape as punishment is acceptable, as long as the victim “really, really deserves it”!

The trouble is that they talk of Jaime being all broken-up and frustrated, as if that entitles him to rape. As if that were an acceptable justification.

The trouble is that this? This isn’t addressing a social ill. This is perpetuating it. 

I also did not see the commentary by the creators of which everyone is speaking of. Can I have a link of some sort? 

However, the other point that I’d like to address is that filmmaking is meant to be open to interpretation. Honestly, I don’t really give a fuck what the creators said. If they said something about that scene “not being rape,” well then they’re just dumbasses. Film is meant to provoke thinking, feeling and interpretation. I maintain that this scene was a positive thing for society because that is how I interpreted it when I watched it. I interpreted it as a terrible, raw, emotional and confusing scene that addresses rape and the emotions and culture that surround it. 

Please explain how normalized rape in media is a ‘positive thing for society’.

Please explain how taking one of the few male characters in ASOIAF/GoT who had a pretty good understanding the violence and bullshit women were forced to endure in his society, whose storyline involves him repeatedly criticizing and fighting Westerosi rape culture, who lost a hand trying to stop the rape of a woman he barely knew, who was traumatized by being unable to stop Aerys or Robert from raping women, including his sister, because they were Kings, who knows men can rape their wives, who beheaded a man he caught raping a peasant maid (and then took that maid under his employ/protection), who has every reason to be another douchey rapey asshole but isn’t in part because of the influence of a woman and the importance she has in his life, because he both loved and empathized with her, and turning him into just another rapist is a ‘positive thing for society’.

(And please don’t think I’m arguing that Jaime was an awesome guy and a real Hero, he’s not, but that doesn’t mean he’s a rapist or has a dehumanizing view of women.)

Please explain how in doing the above, and therefor removing the narrative importance of another female character, removing or seriously downplaying another in a long line of female characters (especially female characters who occupy a traditionally female role or who are feminine) who have significant influence on male ones (Catelyn on Robb, Sansa on Sandor, etc), is a ‘positive thing for society’.

Please explain how taking away Cersei’s agency in her relationship with Jaime (as fucked-up as it was), or her importance and influence over his life and world-view and view on rape and woman, is a ‘positive thing for society’.

Please explain how, in a society where people successfully use ‘she really wanted it’ as defense against rape charges, in a society where fucking Steubanville happened, in a society that blames victims of sexual violence, in a society where 1 in 4 women will be sexually assaulted in their lifetime, where 1 in 20 men will admit to being a rapist so long as you don’t use the word ‘rape’, and where studies and surveys show over and over that significant portions of society think forced sex is acceptable in some circumstances, please explain how showing a normalized rape, justified by saying the woman really wanted it, in a scene that endorses rape culture bullshit, is a ‘positive thing for society’.

Please explain how the writers/directors/actors are really going to show the emotions and fall-out and repercussions of rape, give a good and fairly unproblematic depiction of rape, if they don’t even think what happened was rape. Please explain how you tell a rape story if you don’t think you included any rape in your story.

Please explain how that scene, which refuses at a narrative, technical, and meta level to even acknowledge that that encounter was rape, is going to address the emotions and culture and repercussions surrounding rape.

Please explain all this without using the idea of themes, because Benioff and Weiss don’t use themes, they think they are for, and I quote, ‘eighth-grade book reports’.